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DGIFF#3: Get Involved!


The Dongguan International Festival #3 is coming soon!

There is SO many ways that YOU can get involved:

1. Be a Food Vendor
2. Be a Part of the Kids Area (Activities or Kids Product)
3. Donate to the Bake Sale
4. Donate Gift Certificates
5. Volunteer

Sunday, June 4
4-9 pm
Tangla Dongguan Hotel
3rd Floor Ballroom

Taste ALL Our Community Has to Offer!

Food from Around the World
Live Music & Performances
Kids Activities

Sponsored by:
Ambd Dongguan
HERE! Dongguan
Tangla Dongguan Hotel
Treasures of Hope

Proceeds Benefiting:
TOH Foundation of the SZ Charity Federation

Please Contact Treasures of Hope if you have questions or would like to get involved:
WeChat: charity-toh
Phone: +86/137.5141.7770  

Save the Date :


3rd Dongguan International Food Festival

Sunday, June 4
4-9 pm
Tangla Dongguan Hotel
3rd Floor Ballroom

Taste ALL Our Community Has to Offer!

Food from Around the World
Live Music & Performances
Kids Activities

More details coming soon!

Sponsored by:
Ambd Dongguan
HERE! Dongguan
Tangla Dongguan Hotel
Treasures of Hope

Proceeds Benefiting:
TOH Foundation of the SZ Charity Federation 

NEW: Desks & TV Stands


This week, Treasures of Hope received a truckload of fantastic new desks and tv stands. All three pieces can be seen pictured and are on display in the Treasures of Hope gift shop and charity store at Tangla Dongguan Hotel.

Desk #1: 550 RMB (Quantity 3)
Desk #2: 550 RMB (Quantity 102)
TV Stand: 1,150 RMB (Quantity 46)

10% Discount on Orders of 5 or More.

The desks and TV stands are boxed and ready to ship or deliver, so just contact us if you have any questions or would like to place your order.

Treasures of Hope
Located at Tangla Dongguan Hotel
Monday to Friday: 10 am-7 pm

WeChat: charity-toh
Phone: +86/137.5141.7770

Treasures of Hope April Donations


Treasures of Hope makes a difference in the lives of Chinese children, youth, and adults that are in need with the main focus of community helping community.

We are thankful to see the community coming together for shopping, attending events, etc. to continue to raise much needed funds for these special groups! Let's continue to work together to impact lives!

2017 April Donations:

Captivating International: Project Eden
2 Educational Sponsorships

1 Cataract Eye Surgery
1 Eye Reconstructive Surgery
6 Wheelchairs

Sunshine Academy
2 Yearly Vocational Program Sponsorships

Thank YOU for making a difference through the efforts of Treasures of Hope and the TOH Foundation in partnership with the Shenzhen Charity Federation!!!

Shop. Get Involved. Support. Make a Difference!

WeChat: charity-toh
Phone: +86/137.5141.7770 

May Labor Day Holiday Schedule


This week, Treasures of Hope will be opened on May 3, 4, and 5 due to the May Labor Day Holiday (closed May 1 & 2).

See you on Wednesday! 

NEW: Furniture


Yesterday, Treasures of Hope received a truckload of Western style furniture. Stop by or contact us for information about these great pieces such as dining room tables, chairs, stools, tv stands, shelves, consoles, and end tables.

Treasures of Hope is located right of the lobby of Tangla Dongguan Hotel.

WeChat: charity-toh
Phone: +86/137.5141.7770

We hope to see you soon!

NOW OPENED: WeChat Shopping Group #2


How exciting that based on the populating of the WeChat Shopping Group, the second one is now open!!! Join via the QR code or contact Treasures of Hope and we can add you to the group. The exact same product will be posted in both TOH WeChat Shopping Groups.

WeChat: charity-toh

Happy WeChat Shopping!!!

South China Courage Conference


How Do We Find Courage
and Inspiration When It’s Difficult?

During a time when many ports were closed to Jewish people escaping the horrors of the Holocaust, Shanghai and the people of China offered a safe harbor for over 30,000 Jewish refugees. That kindness was further extended during the period of the Shanghai Ghetto, as well as after the war when many Jews sought to start new lives. The generosity of the Chinese people cannot be forgotten and is a lesson in the importance of peace and finding the courage and inspiration to make a difference.

The International School of Dongguan, HERE! Magazine and Treasures of Hope wish to invite students and educators to register and attend The South China Courage Conference: Finding Inspiration to Make a Difference on May 26-May 27, 2017. The Keynote speaker for the event is author of the book titled: ‘I’m No Hero: Journeys of a Holocaust Survivor.’ Born in Brody, Poland in 1928, Henry Friedman will share his story of survival during the Holocaust. Henry, his mother, his younger brother and their teacher lived in hiding for 18 months. Having the courage to teach others the importance of peace, Mr. Friedman is also a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle, Washington.

On Friday, May 26/2017, the conference will be open to Grades 8-12 students of South China to be held at The International School of Dongguan from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition to the Keynote Speaker, students will attend a series of workshops on various topics of courage and offering humanitarian aid.

Saturday, May 27/2017, is a Gala and dinner event to be held at the Tangla Dongguan Hotel. The evening Keynote speaker will be Mr. Henry Friedman, in addition to four guest speakers.

The International School of Dongguan, HERE! Magazine and Treasures of Hope wish to invite you to an educational experience about finding courage and inspiration to make a difference. For detailed information about payment plan options and registering students for either the Student/Educator Day on May 26/2017, or attending both the Student/Educator Day and the Gala Event on May 27/2017, contact courage@i-s-d.org and a representative will be in contact with you.

**Please Note: For the Student/Educator Day on May 26th/2017, there is a limit of 25 students/school, but no limit for the Gala event on May 27th/2017.

Workshop Options:
• Students have a choice of 3 workshops to attend + Mr Henry Friedman’s speech on May 26th.

1. “The Origins and History of Antisemitism”
Dr. Glenn Timmermans is an associate professor in the Department of English, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Macao in Macao, China. In previous assignments, he taught at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic and at Jagiellonian University in Poland for the British Council. He is active in Holocaust education in Macao, Hong Kong and China. He was responsible for introducing the course, "The Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights" into the General Education Program at the University of Macau and is active in the Holocaust and Tolerance Centre in Hong Kong. He is particularly concerned about introducing human rights issues into these programs in China. He holds a D.Phil. in English from the University of Oxford. https://fah.umac.mo/staff/staff-english/glenn-timmermans/

2. “One Man’s Choices-My Grandfather’s Story”
Dr. Howard Deleeuw tells the story of his Grandfather who was an active member of the Dutch resistance that offered safe haven for Jews being taken to the infamous Camp Westerbork where all Jews arrested in Holland during World War Two were interred until sent to concentration camps in the east.

3. “Combating Ignorance About the Holocaust: The Hong Kong Experience”
Mr. Simon Li is the Director of Education at the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre. He has an extensive background in public education and journalism both in China and abroad in areas of the Holocaust, genocide and human rights education. https://about.me/simon_kaho_li

4. “Community Helping Community”
Aaron Burns manages Treasures of Hope, a foundation focusing on making a difference in the lives of children, youth and adults in China that are in need. Aaron is currently pursuing graduate studies for a Masters in Social Justice.

Katie Freeby works with ‘Bring Me Hope,’ an NGO assisting disadvantaged children.

Judene Irvine is a board member of The California Sunshine Foundation focused on the health, well-being and welfare of vulnerable children in China.

5. “Refugee Encounter”
Tom Franz (CEO of The Vine Community Services Ltd. Hong Kong) and Roy Njuabe have worked together to provide humanitarian aid to refugee and asylum seekers, emergency relief aid for natural disasters and helping to assist and prevent human trafficking and other related areas of social justice.

6. “The Journey So Far”
Robert Falconer works for the Calgary Immigration Society that helps refugees, asylum seekers, temporary foreign workers, international students and newly arrived permanent residents of Southern Alberta, Canada. From an idea that started in a basement, it is now an organization of over 300 employees, volunteers and over 70 languages spoken by staff. Robert Falconer is pursuing a Law Degree and combined Masters in Public Policy.

7. “Holocaust Documentaries”
Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre Film Festival

Registration and Payment Plans:
Student Conference May 26/2017:
1. Cost is $100 RMB/ student---- No registration fees for educators. Lunch included in the cost.
2. Place and Time: International School of Dongguan from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Registration Begins 8-8:45 a.m.
* Students/Educators to choose 3 workshops

Gala and Dinner
with Keynote Speaker and Workshops
-May 27/2017:
1. Cost is $250 RMB/ person (Age 10 and up)
2. 10 % discount for educators at a cost of $225 RMB/ educator
3. 10% discount for group rate of 10 or more persons/ table at
$225 RMB/ person

*4 Free workshops to choose from + keynote speaker Mr. Henry Friedman

* “Hidden Child”- Mr. Henry Friedman Keynote Speaker
* “The Origins and History of Antisemitism”
* “Combating Ignorance About the Holocaust: The Hong Kong
* “Community Helping Community”
* “Refugee Encounter”

Conference Organizers:

HERE! Dongguan
- Mr. Ziv Glikman, Editor-in-Chief,

The International School of Dongguan
-Mr. David Falconer, Director

Treasures of Hope
- Mr. Aaron Burns, Manager 

Easter Success: 24,500 RMB Raised


On April 16, over 500 people gathered together to enjoy the Spring Fair and Easter Brunch. The days festivities included a special brunch buffet, spring fair and activities, an area with live animals, and the Easter egg hunt with 6000 eggs!

A special thanks to the organizers:
Ambd Dongguan
HERE! Dongguan
Tangla Dongguan

We also want to give a special thank you to PopLife for providing SO many fantastic toys to those that attended the brunch and over 1300 toys given at the Easter egg hunt!!! PopLife...you're amazing! Also, thank you Grand Universal (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. for donating the plastic eggs!!!

We also want to show appreciation and gratitude to the Spring Fair vendors for being a part of this special charity activity and for providing raffle prizes for the event.

Thanks to such an amazing community for helping make charity events such as this possible. The 24,500 RMB will be used for the monthly of community helping community through the Treasures of Hope Foundation under the Shenzhen Charity Federation.

You made a difference! Thanks!



April 28th
Latin Restaurant
Dongcheng, Dongguan

SHOE SALE: Proceeds for Charity (Treasure of Hope) - Heels for 50 rmb ONLY!!!
BUFFET all you can eat INCLUDED
PERFORMANCES: Kids and adults

ADMISSION: 100¥ till April 25 (WeChat transfer acceptable) or free ticket delivery
Kids gonna have the little corner to play in.
Kids under 110cm for FREE
From 110cm to 130cm pay 60¥ ONLY
Adults : Admission 100¥ all you can eat + all attractions.
EXTRA: Everybody gets 1 FREE DRINK

For Tickets or Questions:
Phone: 13928840244 

Treasures of Hope / gift shop & charity store

All Proceeds Support Haven of hope

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